NTR 606 Titanium Dioxide Powder

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Minimum Order Quantity
25 Kilograms
 265 INR

Product Description

We are supplying here the NTR 606 Titanium Dioxide Powder that is the result of processing this metal in a variety of ways to produce a fine metal powder. Its color varies from gray to black, and it has the same properties as the material in its solid form. It is used in alloys, in aircraft, missiles, and atomic reactors. The powder form is used in pyrotechnics and in making welding rods, electrodes, surgical appliances and lamp filaments. It is very effective. The product provided by our company, is a type of chemical which is odorless and absorbent in nature. 

Titanium Dioxide NTR 606 Specification

99% min
NTR 606
As a white pigment in paint industry and also used as coating and filling in paper-making industry
Packaging Type
Polypropylene Bags
Packaging Size
25-50 Kg
Physical FormPowder

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